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Prezerve thinks about the unthinkable.

Hunting preserve specialty insurance that works for you.

Prezerve’s comprehensive coverage is designed to meet the specific insurance needs of the Hunting Game Preserve Industry at the lowest prices possible.

What would happen if a guest accidentally shoots someone and you are found liable or your guides best dog gets shot in a hunt? What if one of your buildings caught fire? As a Game Preserve Owner, you do everything possible to make your hunts safe, you work hard to keep your building up to date, but what if something happens outside of your control? That’s where Prezerve steps in and provides the coverage for your legal liability, your buildings, your contents, your computers, your field equipment, even the loss of business income. Prezerve provides the peace of mind you deserve.

Integrity, Reputation, Experience

Prezerve has been awarded the endorsement of the Michigan Association of Game Birds Breeders & Hunting Preserves. That’s integrity. Prezerve keeps up with the ever-changing legal realities and exposures of the hunting industry. We represent you, the hunting preserve owner, and your interest. That’s our reputation. Prezerve is a registered service mark of the Special Programs Division of PCF Insurance Services. PCF has been in the insurance business for over 75 years. Now that’s an experience you can count on.

Our Commitment To You

Prezerve will work on a daily basis with our clients in the hunting industry. To provide personal service that is second to none. To stand with you and beside you in time of need. We will stay focused and knowledgeable about your particular business. We look forward to serving you. Your business is important to us.

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