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Whether you’re looking for commercial surety bonds, contract surety bonds or fidelity bonds, we offer a variety of options that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Surety Bonds & Fidelity Bonds

Protect your business with a surety bond throughPCF Insurance Services
AtPCF Insurance Services, we believe that surety bonds should be affordable while still offering a high level of coverage. For individual assessment of your needs, please contact a Surety Bond Specialist.

Commercial & Corporate Surety Bonds

This surety class is made up of simple, transactional bonds that do NOT contain contract performance guarantees. License and permit bonds, public official bonds, court bonds and miscellaneous bonds are the major categories of this class.

Bid Bond

A bid bond provides financial assurance that the bid has been submitted in good faith, that a contractor will enter into a contract at the amount bid, and will also provide the appropriate performance and payment bonds. These bonds are used by obligees (project owners) to pre-qualify contractors submitting proposals.

Business Service Bond

We offer bonds to cover a variety of small business enterprises such as janitorial services, pet sitters, housekeepers, valets, tow truck operations, home health care providers, security guards and the like.

Contract Surety Bonds

Contract surety bonds protect a project owner from financial loss should the bonded contractor fail to fulfill the contract in accordance with its terms and conditions. Performance bonds are usually packaged with payment bonds. These contract surety bonds ensure your business’s protection throughout the project lifespan from inception to completion.

Court Judicial Bonds

Court judicial bonds are a class of surety obligations that are needed in civil actions and by the United States Admiralty Courts.

Fidelity Bonds

Fidelity bonds, also known as Commercial Crime Policies, are written to protect organizations from the impact of an employee’s dishonest acts.  We will work with you to create specialized fidelity bond coverage for your business.

License & Permit Bonds

A license and permit bond are required in certain industries by government agencies in order to become legally licensed. For those bonds up to $25,000, ordinarily only a completed application is necessary. Larger bonds may require a financial statement.

Maintenance Bond

Maintenance bonds protect from defective workmanship and/or materials for a specified period of time after completion.

Miscellaneous Surety Bonds

PCF Insurance Services offers a wide variety of surety bonds for your commercial needs. For bonds greater than or equal to $25,000, financial statement may be required with your application. Please contact a Surety Bond specialist for more information.

Performance/Payment Bond

Performance bonds guarantee the performance of the terms of a contract. These bonds frequently incorporate payment bonds (labor and materials) and maintenance bonds.

Bonding ultimately aims to protect the project owner from financial loss should the contractor fail to perform the contract in accordance with its terms and conditions.

A payment bond covers payment of subcontractors, laborers and materials suppliers associated with the project. Payment bonds are issued for the protection of those supplying labor or materials to a particular bonded project.

Probate Bonds

A Probate Bond serves as protection against misrepresentation, fraudulent acts, errors, negligence, and theft by the executor or administrator of the estate. The protection lasts until the probate process is completed and the property is distributed to the heirs of the estate.

Public Official Bonds

Public official bonds guarantee the public official will faithfully perform the duties of their office. For bonds greater than or equal to $50,000, please submit a personal financial statement with your application.

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